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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Energy Saving Tip - Higher Thermostat Lower Thermostat - In the cold Winter days, keep your thermostat set a few degrees lower than you normally keep it. Doing so will help prevent over-working your heating unit.

Energy Saving Tip - Scheduled Control *Scheduled Control - Use a thermostat that allows programming. Programming your furnace use will allow you to control the temperature of your home while you are away. Find a heating schedule to meet your needs.

Energy Saving Tip - Air Circulation Air Circulation - Use a fan or ceiling fan to stir the air inside your home. This will help keep your home warmer by 2-4 degrees.

Energy Saving Tip - Regular Service Regular Service - Have your heating system serviced twice a year to ensure proper operation. Failure to service and clean your system can lead to less than satisfactory performance and higher energy costs.

Last but certainly not least is: Change or clean your filters every 30 days.

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